Labeling Bees in a Tin

We held the Bees in a Tin event on Friday (the last in our programme of events supported by The Public and Arts Council England).

It was really rather spiffing, but you don’t need to take our word for that: you can see what everyone else was saying on this Storify collection we assembled here.

The hordes waiting to hear about the afternoon workshops in store for them

We’ve been overwhelmed by a deluge of positive, enthusiastic feedback about the day: nearly 70 curious people gathered together to listen to and take part in 13 contributions from interesting and exciting people working across and inbetween loads of different subject areas. Choreography, art, geology, psychology, technology, music, game design…

In the pub afterwards a few of us were trying to find a term to describe the type of projects and people we had encountered during the day. My first attempt was “interstitial studies”, following on from this post and the observation that people didn’t quite fit the usual labels. This was dismissed though, as it felt like it implied that people somehow didn’t have bodies of knowledge behind their work, which we know to be untrue. My second attempt was “impingement studies”, thinking of the interlocking grains of igneous rock crystals that I’d been looking at through a microscope a few hours later. Dismissed for sounding a bit rude.

Stuart shared a nice term from genetics: “hybrid vigour“.

Jen used a nice metaphor in her summary about “bumping up against the edges”.

In the end we decided it was probably best to avoid trying to apply labels…

Below is a slideshow of photos and videos from the day. You can also view them via this set on Flickr.

We also have audio recordings of the presentations.