Bees in a Tin – audio recordings

Thanks to the combined efforts of Kim Wall, Leon Trimble and Pete Ashton we garnered enough equipment to be able to record the presentations at Bees in a Tin.

Here they are for your listening pleasure…

Introductions and thanks


Henry Cooke – The Throne at Game of Crowns


Kate Andrew – Marvellous Minerals, Brilliant Building Stones


Dr Rebekka Kill – Facebook is like disco and Twitter is like punk


Morning panel session (chaired by Jen Southern)


Workshop introductions


Holly Gramazio – Games in Places, Places in Games


Gareth Briggs – Animated Typewriter


Keynote: Sarah Angliss – Tuning in


Afternoon panel session (chaired by Hannah Nicklin) and close

Additional thanks to Kim again for minding the sound levels all day and for preparing these files for use here.