Bees in a Tin 2015 – save the date!

Bees in a Tin is back!

Many & Varied in partnership with Supersonic are delighted to present Bees in a Tin, as part of Supersonic Festival. Save the date of June the 12th in your diary!

We’ll be following a similar format to last year’s gathering in that the day will be an interdisciplinary mix of new experiences, performances, talks, artefacts and ideas based around the theme of interesting and exciting people who make unique interfaces for the world around them.

Here’s what people had to say about last year:

“The organisers shaped and presented the programme sensitively in a way that allowed interactive thrones to sit alongside the formation of limestone in Cotswold rivers, a life story told through the medium of punk and disco, and the search for secret messages in the branches of trees. Bees in a Tin is one of those unexpected treasures I could recommend to pretty much everyone I know, regardless of their usual interests.”
Verity McIntosh, Pervasive Media Studio Producer

“Bees in a Tin was easily one of the best events I attended in 2014. A lovely crowd of clever, curious and friendly people and a really interesting and inspiring spread of speakers and workshops.”
Henry Cooke, technologist, East London Kinetics

This year one day just isn’t enough! We’ll also be running a series of salons on First Fridays through until December.

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Stuart Nolan's Ouijabird workshop collides with Alice O’Connor's Make-Believe activity

Stuart Nolan’s Ouijabird workshop collides with Alice O’Connor’s Make-Believe activity at last year’s Bees in a Tin