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Nikki Pugh

npugh.co.uk | @nikkipugh

Nikki Pugh makes things happen.

As an artist her main area of enquiry is centred around interactions between people and place: often using tools and strategies from areas such as pervasive games and physical computing to set up frameworks for exploration.

Alongside her creative practice she works to feed the ecosystem within which she operates: working extensively to establish networks, develop audiences and manage events. In 2008/9 she co-founded BARG (a pervasive games network) and fizzPOP (Birmingham’s first hackspace). Through Many & Varied she hopes to instigate rallying calls and practical opportunities for interesting people from across different disciplines to work together on hybrid projects.


Hannah Nicklin

hannahnicklin.com | @hannahnicklin

Hannah Nicklin is a theatre maker, game designer, producer, and academic. She works within contemporary community theatre – often making sound based and installation based interactive theatre based on community story collection. She speaks at events about theatre and digital technology; and works with individuals and companies on same. She recently completed a PhD in performance and politics in the digital age. As a theatre-maker Hannah has engaged with digitally-influenced pervasive work, as well as simple solo shows; collaborating with companies such as Slung Low, Hoipolloi, Third Angel, Pilot Theatre, Hide&Seek, Fierce Festival, and Forest Fringe. She is currently digital producer on a large NESTA funded project developing an app for discovering, sharing and exchanging value around live events. Her latest theatre project Songs For Breaking Britain smashes punk together with contemporary community theatre. Or in other words: she got the arts council to pay for her to be in a band.


Jen Southern

theportable.tv | @jenso

Jen Southern is a lecturer and researcher at Lancaster University working at intersections of art and sociology. Her individual practice is process based and participatory, exploring art practice as a social process. From learning to fly a light aircraft to making videogame clothing the work is experimental and plays with the idea of what it might mean to inhabit media. In collaboration with other artists, technologists or members of the public she works with hybrid places as lived environments.


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