About the Organisers

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Nikki Pugh

npugh.co.uk | @nikkipugh

Nikki Pugh founded Many & Varied in 2013.

As an artist her main area of enquiry is centred around interactions between people and place: often using tools and strategies from areas such as pervasive games and physical computing to set up frameworks for exploration.

Alongside her creative practice she works to feed the ecosystem within which she operates: working extensively to establish networks, develop audiences and manage events. Through Many & Varied she hopes to instigate rallying calls and practical opportunities for interesting people from across different disciplines to work together on hybrid projects.


Katie Day

theotherwayworks.co.uk | @otherwayworks

Katie Day is the Artistic Director of The Other Way Works. In this role she initiates and directs new productions, delivers participatory activities, and leads the strategic development of the Company.

Throughout 2010, Katie produced the Theatre Sandbox scheme for iShed, working with six regional venues to commission six new projects that explored the use of pervasive media in live performance.


Lisa Meyer

supersonicfestival.com | @supersonicfest

Lisa Meyer is Creative Director of Capsule, a dynamic and innovative arts producer, initiating, commissioning and producing multidisciplinary work.

Along with a year-round programme of arts events, Capsule are responsible for a number of high profile projects, including the internationally renowned Supersonic Festival, an experimental arts and music event and Home of Metal, a groundbreaking heritage project.