Salons 2015

3rd of July | 4th of September | 2nd of October | 6th of November | 4th of December

Calling anyone who works at and across the edges of traditional disciplines; anyone who makes their own tools, because nobody else has made them already; anyone who seeks out unconventional collaborators; anyone who typically Rs & Ds atypically.
Gets a bit lonely sometimes, doesn’t it?

In addition to our 2015 Bees in a Tin conference, we’re running a series of 5 Salons to help make things a bit more linked-up and sociable.

Taking place on the first Friday of the month, each co-curated with a local organisation, these events are specially put together for the people who don’t fit comfortably into the usual pigeon holes. We don’t mind if you identify as an artist, scientist, craftsperson, researcher, musician, maker, curator, academic, technologist […the list goes on…] – if you’re pushing at the edges of what that can mean then we’d like to hang out with you!

There’ll be invited speakers, a chance for practiioners to talk about / demo / playtest their work in progress to get constructive feedback, a chance to discuss opportunities for change and plenty of chances to chat to interesting people and seek out potential collaborators.

After a Many & Varied afternoon, you’ll be in exactly the right place to then go on to enjoy Digbeth First Friday: exhibitions, late-night openings, special events, culture in unexpected spaces, live music, street food and more.

The Salons are free to attend, include light refreshments and need YOU!

Click through to the links below for registration details and more information as it becomes available.

3rd of July | 4th of September | 2nd of October | 6th of November | 4th of December

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