Saturday & Sunday August 3rd & 4th • Drop-in 10am – 4pm & 11am – 2pm • Free

A fun-filled family-friendly event themed around our favourite yellow fruity goodness and technology.

Everyone is welcome to come and have a play – it doesn’t matter if you’re a little kid or a big kid.

We’ll be up in the Long Room on the 3rd floor of The Public. Drop in whenever suits you. All the activities are free – just come along and get inventive!

BANANAS! music:

Play our banana synthesiser – what tunes can you play.
Maybe a banana drum kit is more your style?

BANANAS! game controllers:

Use our MaKey MaKey gadgets to make the craziest game controllers you can dream up.

The video above gives a sense of the possibilities, but we’re sure you can invent some more!

BANANAS! Monkey Maze

Send your trained monkey (may look a bit like your grown-up) into our perilous maze to retrieve a giant bananananananana.

What’s that you say? Your grown-up doesn’t quite look enough like a trained monkey already? We’ve got some mask-making kit to take care of that.

BANANAS! adventures

Make an film of your banana exploring the crazy architecture of The Public’s building. Will it fly through the air? Abseil between floors? Roll down the ramp?

Record your ‘nana in action, add some sound effects and make an action movie like no other before!

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