GPS Orchestra

Saturday & Sunday July 13th & 14th • 11am-6pm & 11am-4pm • £40

A 2-day workshop led by artist Nikki Pugh.

Tickets are limited (10 people) and also significantly subsidised – order yours now at


GPS Orchestra, Octopus Edition

Join us for a weekend of making noise with handmade devices that are triggered by GPS. This is an orchestra like no other you have ever seen or heard!

This workshop is a challenge to invent and build devices that play themselves in response to movement through landscape. We’ve got a bunch of random stuff and West Bromwich town centre to play with, so we’re anticipating a lot of fun!

After an introduction to ways in which GPS might be used to influence things, we’ll spend the weekend collaboratively contriving and constructing our orchestral oddities. The weekend will culminate in a parade down the High Street.

Will there be drums that beat as fast as you walk? Things that ping more the further they travel? A crescendo as you get closer to Queen’s Square? There’s no way of telling until we make them!

We’ll be using Arduino microcontrollers and simple electronics to play instruments assembled out of whatever we can muster. Whilst coding experience might be useful, it’s nowhere near as essential as imagination, a sense of humour and a willingness to give things a try. Absolutely no musical ability required whatsoever.

Please bring a laptop with the Arduino software installed and anything else you think Might Come In Useful. Examples include, but are not restricted to:

  • Arduino and/or electronics components (solenoids, servos, motors etc)
  • Bangy things
  • Rattley things
  • Tappy things
  • Bleepy things
  • Things for making other things out of

A selection of items will be available on loan, but the more the merrier and who knows what amazing noises we might be able to get out that bric-a-brac you’ve got lying around!

The workshop will involve frequent excursions outside, so please come dressed appropriately for the weather. Here are some examples from a very wet 1-day workshop in Barrow-in-Furness last year:

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