The Great Big Skills Share Jamboree

Saturday June 29th • Free, but sign-up required

A whole day of skills sharing …because we know you know some random (and useful) stuff and because we love to learn things.

The Great Big Skills Share Jamboree is a bit like an unconference (where folks turn up and we improvise a schedule around the things they offer to contribute), except it’ll be based on doing rather than talking. As such we might need to do a little pre-planning, but we aim to keep the ethos the same: be prepared to contribute to the day one way or another; we’ll do what we can to programme sessions for any skills that participants want to share; and people are free to choose which ones they want to take part in.

The event is free to take part in, but places are limited so registration is required.

Children and grandparents positively encouraged – bring your generations!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Have a think about what you can do and what you’d like to be able to do (we’ll be asking you about this later as part of the registration process. There’s a blog page listing skills so you can see what other people have said.)
  2. Click the big green button near the top of the registration page to sign up.
  3. We look at the information you give us and do any preparation that would help make things happen. We might pre-programme some sessions if it would be sensible to do so, but the rest is up to you…
  4. We all start turning up at The Public from 10:30am on the 29th of June.
  5. At 11am we begin by quickly introducing ourselves and then people volunteer to initiate skills sessions. (Think 15, 30 and 60 minute long slots. It can be one person sharing their skills with a group of others, or a group of people all sharing skills on a particular subject with each other.) Together we figure out a schedule for the day.
  7. Lunch: bring your own, buy from the café downstairs or explore options from the High Street or nearby supermarket.
  8. More skilling until 6:30pm.
  9. Those who would like to stay on are welcome to join us for an (optional) relaxed evening session involving curry and some sort of film thing – probably a few episodes of MacGyver!
  10. We all go home with new skills by 10pm.

Travel and accessibility information is available here.

This blog post has some photos of the space we’ll be in.

Registration available at

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